Buying gear internationally can be a bit nerve-racking, waiting with bated breath hoping it hasn´t been mishandled or poorly packed and the gear is damaged.

We take our packing very seriously and we have come up with bombproof packing. The item is wrapped in bubble wrap as per usual, power cord or additional materials in separate bubble wrap (we have seen great packing with a loose cord scratching the front plate) after that the item is placed into custom foam, formed to the item in question, then it is housed in 1.5 cm thick cardboard box, properly closed, marked fragile and shipped, insured with tracking.

This kind of "extreme" packing results in a slightly bigger package then you might see from most sellers and therefore increases the shipping cost by a small amount, but we feel that compromising on packing is not an option.
 Our shipping prices are still very competitive!

Shipping time is approximately 5-7 days to Europe and USA.

Take a look at Shipping feedback from some very happy customers below.