Yamaha CS-Series MIDI Kit.


We have been working on this project for the last few months and we are happy to announce that our Yamaha CS-Series Midi Kit, App and Plugin will be available very soon. Hardware is being manufactured and we are putting the finishing touches on the software. The kit will work for the Yamaha CS5, CS10,CS15, CS30, CS30L, CS15D and the CS20M.

Also CS40M !

Feature List:

MIDI Channel 1-16 and Omni.
Local ON/OFF
Selection of Last/Low/High note priority.
Hz/V output via MIDI.

Dual filter control (where applicable), on the CS15D you can now control the filter of both preset sections. Filters can be controlled by Modwheel, Breath, CC74, Velocity or Aftertouch, either independently or by locking Filter A to B or B to A. 

ENV Trigger from MIDI note on CS5, CS10, CS15, CS30, CS30L.
Sequencer Trigger from MIDI note on the CS30. You can control timing and duration of each step.

All settings made from the keyboard or the App.

We are also working on an Envelope/LFO controller plugin.

This plugin will allow you to draw envelopes or use a stepped envelope to control the filter, this will allow for tempo synced LFO´s , sidechain style LFO or whatever you can think of. One envelope per filter with Rate, Amount, Center, Smooth and Destination. You can also select between a free running or tempo-synced Envelope as well as Clocksynced or not (Clocksynced means that the Envelope will follow your DAW´s "playhead" and sync up to play position, turn it off and the envelope keeps running even when the DAW is stopped.)

We have had so much fun prototyping this! Separate envelopes on each filter running at different speeds and you have a completely new synth.

Stay Posted , kit will be available soon!
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