The CS Series MIDI Kit will add Midi In/Out, Filter control and various other features to the Yamaha CS synth. The MIDI kit comes with all necessary cables and is simple to install. You can change all settings from the CS keyboard or use the free settings app. Please check out our CS Modulator filter controller plugin (see CS Modulator here)

The CS Series MIDI Kit will work for the following CS synths.
CS5 - CS10 - CS15 - CS30 - CS30L -CS15D - CS20M - CS40m. 
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$ 230.00 USD


MIDI IN/OUT • MIDI Channel 1-16 and Omni • Local ON/OFF • Selection of Last/Low/High note priority • Hz/V output via the Control Volt and Trigger outputs • Dual filter control • 12 Bit/4096 values filter control • Envelope trigger via Midi note • Sequencer control via Midi note 

Simple install

All settings made from keyboard or app



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