The CS Modulator plugin is made to work in conjunction with the CS series MIDI Kit (see midi kit here) and will work for all synths in that collection. Essentially it gives you two tempo synced LFO/envelopes for the CS series of synths. Draw in your own LFO/Envelope shapes for each filter (where applicable) or switch over to the stepper and draw in your own steps (up to 64 steps). 

$ 70.00 USD


2  Drawable Tempo synced or freerunning LFO/Envelopes, Steps.
Retrigger, Randomize shape, Undo/Redo, Invert, Normalize and flip shape.
Rate from 16 Bars to 16th note. Route to Modwheel, Breath, CC74 or 12 bit HI-Res

Simple to use, endless riffs

Set or automate the Cutoff point, amount, rate from 16 bars to 16th notes, smoothing parameter, very useful for the stepper,  set each modulator to the appropriate CC or switch to the Hi-res setting for 12 bit 4096 filter control. Retrigger envelope, either from all midi notes or selected notes.

Simple to use, endless riffs

Draw in your own envelopes/lfo's or use the stepper for sample&hold style modulation. One modulator for each filter on the Yamaha CS.
6 preset shapes, randomize , undo, redo, copy from VCF1 to VCF2 or VCF2 to VCF1, nudge left/right, flip horizontal, flip vertical, normalize

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