CS Series Filter Modulator

$ 87.00 USD

The CS Filter Modulator

We are working on the plugin and it will be out soon.
The plugin will be a separate purchase from the MIDI kit.

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This plugin is made to work in conjunction with the CS series MIDI Kit and will work for all synths in that collection.

Essentially it gives you two temposynced LFO/envelopes for the CS series of synths.

You can draw in your own LFO/Envelope shapes for each filter (where applicable) or switch over to the stepper and draw in your own steps (up to 64 steps).
When using the stepper you have the option of using the SMOOTHING parameter to ease up on the stepped transitions.

You can set the modulator to temposync, freerunning and when in either mode you can select to RUN, RETRIGGER or ONE SHOT.

Since the CS MIDI KIT gives you the option of selecting between CC Numbers you can set any of these as the destination for each modulator.
In addition you can set the destination to HI-RES and use our 12bit/4096 values CC for ultra smooth modulations.

Feature List: 
2 Temposynced LFO/Envelope drawable shapes
2 Temposynced 64 step drawable shapes
Run, Retrigger, One shot modes
Randomize shape
Invert and flip shape
Smoothing option for the stepper
A selection of preset shapes
A large selection of presets

Options Menu:
You can set your LFO to run even when the DAW is not running.

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